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Interested in joining our mission?

At JK Wildlife Pte Ltd, we have an experienced team that provides diverse types of services for clients in different industries such as wildlife handling, management, rescuing, relocation, and so on. ​

These team members have been trained as well as possible to handle wildlife safely, to adapt to sudden changes in any situation that may be dangerous, and to educate people as much as possible on how to deal with wildlife. Our team members are what make us tick, and we are glad for them.

Open Roles

Please review our currently open roles! We are constantly looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. So don't hesitate to apply and reach out.

Apply today!

If interested, please reach out to us at the following email with the subject title "[job-title] – Application".

Join the team! Send your resume to and we will get in touch with you soon. Thank you.

Mobile: (+65) 8810 3699

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