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All the important information you need to know about wildlife animals is listed below!



The colour, patterning, form, and size variety of Singaporean snakes are astounding. Their routines and behaviour vary equally. Some species, like the White-bellied Blind Snake, practically dwell underground in the soil of tropical regions. Others, like the Elegant Bronzeback and Big-eye Whip Snake, are expert climbers that can effortlessly climb vertical tree trunks or weave their way through the thinnest of branches. The most fascinating creatures that live in trees are those belonging to the genus Chrysopelea, such as the Paradise Tree Snake, which can glide from tree to tree by flattening its body and trapping air beneath it.


Lizards & Crocodilians

Singapore's lizards have evolved to fill an astounding diversity of ecological niches, from the smallest of geckos that live in people's homes to enormous monitor lizards that may grow to a height of 3 metres. The remarkable diversity of the region's lizards may be seen in their forms, hues, and modes of existence. 



In the region's woodlands, Singapore is home to a wide variety of tiny mammals that are vital seed dispersers. With many species feeding on insects and other invertebrates while also being preyed upon by larger predators, they are also an important link in the food chain. The rodents, which include squirrels, murids (rats, mice, etc.) are by far the largest groups. The flying squirrels are the most amazing of the bunch since they effortlessly glide from tree to tree thanks to their patagium, a wide flap of skin that extends between each limb but leaves the tail free for balance.

Monkey Guard Emphasis

Monkey guard training or monkey herding is getting more and more important as time goes on. As monkeys get in contact with more and more humans, some of whom feed the monkeys, the monkeys begin to increasingly encroach on residential areas. ​ This causes conflicts between them and humans.

That's the reason that 570 monkeys had to be killed in 2013 in Singapore. But wildlife populations should be preserved, and in this situation, monkey guard training is a great solution.


Wildlife Awareness & Coexistence

One thing everybody knows is that wildlife habitats and wildlife itself are disappearing faster and faster. More and more species and unique habitats are disappearing forever. ​

To survive, more and more wild animals are seeking better habitats and crossing paths with humans. Because of this, there are more conflicts with humans, and the animals always come out worse off. They often get killed in an attempt to prevent the conflicts, or because many people are scared of them or because many communities neither have the education or resources to stop it.

Wildlife Exclusion

When an animal that is perceived as a threat and dangerous enters your property, most people then to react negatively. However, more often than not, animals do not intentionally want to harm a dominant species - us. A lot of human-wildlife conflict can be solved with understanding of the animal, and working on ways to exclude them from the areas they are not supposed to dwell in. We live right beside their own homes, and hence it is important for us to keep an open mind on learning ways to live with them. 


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