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About Us

Animal Lovers Who Want To Help

When we started out, all we really had was passion to protect wildlife. It was difficult to watch wild animals suffer, and we wanted to change that however we could. We want to create a safe haven for wild animals in Singapore. In the course of our development, this was our drive. Even in times when it seemed impossible, we grew, learned new things, and helped however we could.


Experienced Team Members

At JK Wildlife, we have an experienced team which provides diverse services for clients in different industries, such as wildlife handling, management, rescuing, and relocation.

These team members have been trained to handle wildlife safely, to adapt to sudden changes in any situation, and to educate people on how to deal with wildlife. Our team members are what make us tick, and we work as a team.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to facilitate human and wildlife coexistence, ensure the safety of wildlife and contribute to the preservation of life on earth.


Accreditation and License

We have to ensure that everyone, as well as the wildlife we handle, is safe. We are fully certified, licensed, and accredited, which means we have done the necessary tests to ensure we can handle wildlife safely and responsibly.

Our Partners

Here are the people who make what we do possible. Thanks to these people, wildlife has a better chance of living freely and safely.

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